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Backpacks became popular in the early 1970s. Even then, efforts were made to pack only the most necessary items so as not to burden the spine and make it easier to move around. Standard tourist backpacks have one larger compartment, side pockets and straps for attaching sleeping bags and other less handy equipment. Many people have trouble packing all the necessary things. How to pack a camping backpack? 


Packing a backpack is more of an art than a science. Following a few rules will allow you to pack all the necessary equipment, clothing and food into one backpack. The proper arrangement of all equipment will make it unnecessary to take additional bags and nets, which will definitely make the journey difficult. It is important to remember that the comfort and convenience of the person carrying the backpack is what counts. Equipment must be conveniently positioned to maintain a proper center of gravity. Everything should be well packaged and thought out so that you can get to the equipment you need without emptying your backpack. 


Choosing the right backpack 

Before starting packing, it is worth making sure that the chosen model will fit the right amount of equipment. Thanks to the current technology, the backpacks are lighter and stronger than ever, so it is worth investing in a new model. The selection should take into account the length of the planned journey. For longer trips, it is necessary to take much more clothing, cosmetics and food. 

How to pack a backpack? 

When packing tourist backpacks, it is worth paying attention to maintaining the center of gravity. Appropriate arrangement of the equipment will keep it comfortable and increase comfort while wearing. Place the heaviest items as close to your back as possible. Food, water and cooking equipment should be near or between the blades. Large items should not move, even when walking briskly. It is important to keep them immobilized with clothing, a towel or a blanket. 


How to arrange the equipment inside? 

Some hiking backpacks can be opened both from the top and from the bottom. This is a very useful option, especially if you suddenly need to get an item from the bottom. However, if the backpack does not have such an option, it is worth considering which equipment you will need at the end. Nobody will need a sleeping bag until the tent is pitched. For this reason, it is worth placing it at the bottom. Jackets, hats and gloves should be placed on top for easy access. Items that are good to have on hand include rainwear, snacks, insect repellants, and a headlamp.


How to avoid repacking? 

Many people wonder how to take all the essentials and avoid repacking. Before the trip, it is worth considering what you will really need. Depending on the length and type of trip, you can easily minimize your luggage. Especially if there are two, three or four people going on an expedition. In such a situation, it is worth sharing the cosmetics that everyone uses. You can take one medium toothpaste, one smaller shampoo, shower gel or lotion. Minimizing the amount of necessary cosmetics will make it easier to pack. It’s also a good idea to divide the provisions among all the people so that everyone carries more or less equally. A good way to eliminate excess baggage is to organize all the things into the necessary ones and those that are not really needed, but can be useful. 

What are the pockets in tourist backpacks for? 

Most tourist backpacks, apart from one large pocket, have several smaller ones, into which you can put handy items or snacks on the road. Special compartments allow you to pack equipment of an unusual shape. Outside, you can put a tent, a sleeping bag, a roll-up mat and a water bottle. However, you should pay attention to the even distribution of the weight, because an overloaded backpack will make your spine ache after walking a few kilometers. When hiking in the woods, be careful not to damage your sleeping bag or tent with protruding branches. Traveling with a tourist backpack through the forest is not the easiest task. 


What is worth taking with additional equipment? 

In addition to the necessary items, such as a raincoat, fleece, first aid kit and toiletries, it is worth taking other things that may be useful. This is especially true for excursions that are organized in a new and unknown location. To reach your destination safely, you should have maps, a compass, an LED light and a spare battery. Also worth taking: sunglasses with a good sunscreen, sunscreen, insect spray, raincoat, trekking poles and a pad or a small hiking chair.



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